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About Therapist Noelle Elia


I am a licensed clinical social worker since 1992. I received my MSW from Columbia University in New York.  

Previous to my career as a psychotherapist I taught High School Psychology and worked with adolescents in an after school program for 13 years. This endeared me to teenagers and I have loved the opportunity to work with them ever since. The challenges they face are often compelling and I approach my work with teens and preteens with a great deal of respect for the complexity of navigating life in the 21st Century. While many things have been made easier by technology, emotional matters have in some ways become even more difficult for the developing adolescent. I write more about this in the section, Therapy for Adolescents.

I was affiliated with a major metropolitan hospital in New York City for 12 years. For much of that time I worked with working with individuals and families living with AIDS, and coping with addiction.  Before the advent of life prolonging medications, AIDS patients died within a fairly short time from diagnosis. This prompted within me, a deeper understanding and appreciation of the complexity of the grief process, including as it relates to psychotherapy, spirituality, culture and class.  This work experience also made me more emotionally resilient, allowing me to stay more fully present and nonjudgmental in the face of stigma and loss associated with both the AIDS epidemic and addiction.  

From 2003 to 2006 I was a partner in The InsightOut Institute, an organization which taught conflict resolution in corporate settings.  The psychological dynamics associated with our personal histories often play out in a parallel process within the workplace.  The InsightOut Institute helped administrators  to uncover these more subtle barriers affecting the peak performance of their staff, including administrators' own unconscious biases.  Applying therapy principles in this large-scale setting proved to be instructive for me in attaining an appreciation of the pressures inherent in the corporate employment model.

In 2006 I co-hosted a radio show called “Whose Truth Is It Anyway?” which explored complex social and political issues in American culture.  Social Work training emphasizes the effects that the environment has on individual development and family dynamics.  In our work together, I will always  be considering your place in the world from the perspective of your individual psychology, your family and work environments and your perception of how you have been shaped by American culture . 

In the 1990's my lifetime interest and study in the field of Spirituality was advanced by my introduction to Buddhist thought, mainly the ideas associated with Mindfulness.  Research in the Western application of these principles is now almost 40 years in the making and many mental health clinicians note the great benefit of adding this knowledge base to their psychotherapy practice.  I began my training in Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT) in 2012 and I routinely incorporate this model into my work.

My expertise in the area of parenting and childhood development stems from professional training and personal experience.  In many ways, my children have been my best teachers. My understanding of current challenges facing today's parents of youngsters is outlined in the section Therapy with Adolescents and in the article Parenting Challenges.

I have been in private practice in Larchmont, NY since 1998.

"At times we all need some guidance in accessing our inner wisdom. Good therapy can facilitate this process in often unexpected and surprising ways."